Signature Pieces

In all good design, I think a signature piece is a must have. I know you all have that one staple in your wardrobe, whether it be jewelry, a hand bag, or a blazer. As soon as you put that piece on, voila! Your outfit is complete.Well, it’s the same for your space!

I love using a colorful piece to really add some life into a room. If your living room has a lot of neutrals and you’re looking to give it something special, why not add a colorful rug?!


The Design Files Open House 2012 | The Design Files.

I love the way they used this rug. It’s a great signature piece. It’s really pulls this whole space together and gives it some character.

Another great way to add color in a room is to paint an old piece you don’t use anymore. Take the doors of an old armoire, paint it a bold color, and use it to display dishes in a dining room, or books in an office or living room.

If you’re looking for something smaller, head to a thrift store or go antiquing and by some cheap vases and dish ware. Spray paint them fun, bold colors and display them throughout your space.